Introduction to Netent Jacks or better

Netent Jacks or better is a video poker game that involves just one player. It offers the same gameplay you find at traditional poker, however, it adds more polish to the style. You can decide to chose to play with only one hand or play with as much as 25 hands at once. The game is developed to be played across different platforms which makes it even more interesting. You can place a bet between $0.10 and $62.5. By using the options, around the game screen, you can use it to set your bet size. It is not just enough to learn about the gameplay, you should also equip yourself with some strategy, you can check out for basic strategy.

Netent Jacks or better Gameplay

To begin playing jacks or better, you need to prepare your bet size. Use the levels, to set the level of the game and this can be between 1 and 5. This automatically influences the bet which is between 25 and 125 coins. By the bottom right of the game, you can set the coin value and the number of hands you want to play with. The big double card symbol at the middle of the bottom feature is the bet button, you click that when you are satisfied with all your settings. Hx University has quite some amazing information about you can get started with playing online casino games, you should check out their website at . Below are features to expect in the game:

  • Double up gamble feature

When you hit the bet button, you are automatically given five cards or more based on the number of hands you have chosen to play with. If you have some special cards, it will be automatically held for you, however, you can hold some cards that you feel are good hands manually. If your bankroll is high, you can use the MAXBET option to set the bet to the maximum bet and not worry about setting up the bet size manually The coins option shows the amount to coins remaining for you to play with. Since the game is played in coins, this is the most important part to look at to know if you are running out.

As you play, you may come across the double up gamble feature. This feature gives you the opportunity to double your winnings. For example, if you win 400 coins from a round, and you choose the double up gamble feature, you can double the 400 to 800 using the feature. However, you could also lose the 400 coins. This feature shows up for every win. If you are not interested in this gamble feature, you can choose to disable it in the game settings. When you have a win, all you need to do is to click gamble to enter the double up feature. The gamble game is simple, you are only to guess the colour of card that will be flipped.

There are nine different winning hands when you play the Netent double or jack. This is no different from the common poker you are used to. The two pair is the lowest of all the hands and only involves two matching cards of similar ranks and also two similar cards of another rank. This can be two king and two aces. It does not matter if they are spade, heart or any other symbol. The highest of them all is the royal straight flush. This consist of A, K, Q, J and a 10 of the same suit. This implies that all the cards must have one symbol and must be in the order that was mentioned earlier. You can check out the game to try it out.